Kayaking Indian Island, WA

Paddling Through The Storm

Route: Mats Mats Bay to Indian Island, Wa

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced. 

Launch Point: Mats Mats Bay Boat Launch, Port Hadlock, Wa

When you kayak in the winter months, daylight is limited. We left at the crack of dawn to be at the launch point by 8 AM. We loaded our sea kayaks with the essentials, put on our wet and dry suits and headed out. The skies in the morning were a little cloudy but that didn't break our spirit. We paddled out of Mats Mats Bay and into Puget Sound, headed for Indian Island. There is so much to see along the shoreline. Nesting birds, large rock cliffs, friendly sea life, and even a lighthouse! About 2 hours into our paddle the skies grew very dark, very quickly, and before we knew it we were racing against the storm toward lighter skies. Rolling thunder overhead made us change course and find shelter at a nearby public beach. We waited out the storm and had a light lunch. By the time we were finished the skies had parted and we were finally in the sunshine. We packed up the kayaks and paddled toward the island. Since we had to detour for the storm, we only had a short time to navigate the shoreline of the island before we had to head back to Mats Mats before sunset. The paddle back was windy and exhausting so we hugged the shoreline to keep the white caps from crashing over our bows. Once inside the protection of the bay, the waters became calm and quiet. A perfectly exciting and adventurous paddle!